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Hi all,
Thanks for everyone who attended - unfortunately around 15-20 members didn't show up but we still had a good 23 attend - 4 notified me of their absences. Anyway, onto the content of the meeting!
Clan Tags
These are now required to be shown on STEAM as default guys and girls! It was always within the clan requirements, however I was abit soft and allowed members to get away with it due to some games having the feature to show the clan your representing! However, in-game you can now change that to not show a tag and instead set this in your STEAM name. This is because the tag represents our STEAM Group which isn't getting any more members from it being shown in-game and doesn't really get much notice, however wearing the tag on your STEAM is keeping the clan you represent publicly (Including on search engines) and in-game.
 Clan Newsletter
We will also be working on putting one out every Quarter of the year (3 months) - I originally wanted to do this every month but it's having the time to write it all up which is a lot to add onto the current upcoming changes within VORTEX, so every 3 months should suffice - every month we have a Clan Meeting, so this is where the news is discussed and announced anyway! If we however find someone which is good at writing things up, then I will be happy for them to take up the role of being our publicist!
 Clan Organisation
We're going to work on keeping this clan more organised including absences of everyone within the clan. It's a simple process by ensuring all of you put your absence and a reason along with it on our VORTEX Calender (Dates from and to), this allows us all to see why some members aren't online and we won't think your dead!  (slight exaggeration) - You could also create a topic within the Members Forum just so we don't miss the event.
 TeamSpeak activity!
New rules are being put into place to ensure all of our members are active on our voice comms. Due to the amount of members we have who are online but not using our voice comms which our community paid for! Shouldn't need to remind you all that those which have donated paid £75 for our TS and it takes the piss a bit if members don't put the small effort of coming onto our server. We've got game channels if your in those games, you can create your own sub channels, we have different AFK channels now to represent your type of AFK status. If you're quite the forgetful type regarding TS than you can simply check out this topic: CLICK HERE
 Competitions and Events
We're fully aware requires some TLC! It's one thing to organise and event, but the hard part is ensuring everyone which has entered the event, shows up at the event. We will work on events to get better and better at it, though I know the main thing is the primary source of the event - our system we used to use wasn't that great! Sometimes it then went to an external source which then dis-organises the event because it wasn't planned like this - but it prob worked out better for those involved! So we'll work on this so Events are more stable and fun.
 Product Review on Store
So now 12 of us have one or more of the new products, it would be totally awesome for everyone to leave the review and your rating on each of the products! It can be a quick review or a more descriptive review. I would prefer more descriptive of what you think of the product and how it feels etc. as well as any pointers for future buyers because this is what the future buyers will be reading before they purchase! Good to up-sell our products but same time be honest about it
 Getting Involved!
We realise that you all haven’t been involved as much as you want, however we are working on this and will be trying to get you all more active within the community – This includes various competitions, polls, voicing your opinion, providing suggestions on improvement! Also keep in mind than every single one of you are representing VORTEX eSports.
 Console Division
We will look at opening this division by the start of 2016 as long as our current goals are achieved by Q1 2016. Games involved will be looked into nearer the time.
Over the next few weeks we will be getting our process for recruitment sorted and will be putting ourselves out there actively yet again as it has been awhile since we’ve focused on recruitment! I wanted to wait until VORTEX eSports was in a good enough position regarding the message given to the public, how it is shown and how we are organised for when the players apply for us. We have tried various different ways of recruitment and we are going to set it in stone so we can get the recruits and be ready for the recruits!
 Your Role!
As you are part of VORTEX eSports, you have a daily role – each rank has their own set of responsibilities but you all share some of the same responsibilities. These are to remain active on our Website and TeamSpeak, these keep the community active and strong – This also includes putting your voice out there! If you have a suggestion or some constructive criticism than please share with us; numerous times I have told our members that things can only improve as long as your voice is given, we can’t improve in the ways you want us too unless you either tell us or we’re psychic (unfortunately we’re not).
 VORTEX Core Academy (VC Academy)
Quite a while ago our StarCraft II Division decided it would be a great idea to form an Academy, so players of all skill levels would be able to put their level of skills within their specialised game to use. The higher skilled players (Masters) would be able to teach players strategies and tips on how to improve from their level to become better within the game, however this isn’t just for Master players, anyone of a higher skill level than someone else can always provide useful strategies they use and even in-game practice sessions and forums to write various tips and strategies so it can be widely read by the clan.The Academy group located on our website allows players to become Academy Coaches (those who are of high skill/knowledge of the game and able to assist others), and Academy Players, whom have been accepted into the group and able to request practice sessions using the relevant board within that group.
We’re always looking for more Coaches, so if you think you got what it takes and like make other players a better player then let one of the Clan Officers or Administrators aware of it!
You can see what games our Academy supports by viewing the forum board in the group. We’re always looking to expand and think this is an awesome way to improve the community!
 Divisions Becoming the VORTEX Core
It has been awhile since we have had actual Divisions within the Clan but I think moving forward, it would be a smart decision to have Divisions and to have specific Officers/Moderators to represent that Division – This doesn’t mean they can’t participate with other Divisions, but allows us to grow more quickly when there are people who want to make that Division better than the others – more members, more activity, more variety of games. This isn’t set in stone, but now we will also have a Co-Leader, it will allow the workload to be halved.The following Divisions will soon be available:
RPG/MMO DivisionDiablo Series
Grand Theft Auto VHeart of the StormLeague of LegendsRiftSmiteStar Trek: OnlineThe Elder Scrolls: OnlineWorld of WarcraftShooter Division
Battlefield Series
Call of Duty SeriesCounter-Strike SeriesTeam Fortress 2Sports Division
Assetto Corsa
F1 Race Stars (Events)Project CARSZero Gear (Events)Strategy Division
Civilization Series
Command and Conquer SeriesHearthstoneStarcraft SeriesSimulation Division
ARMA Series
DayZ / DayZ ModEuro Truck Simulator 2Team Fortress 2War ThunderDue to the amount of Divisions we will be opening, we will also be expanding our website with new features such as Communities and Teams – both small and large. All Communities and Teams will have access to posting news, forums, blogs and gallery albums*.
* Blogs and Gallery albums will be through our main source located on our website. News and forums can be made separately within their community/team.
New Forum Board Layouts
As we will have many divisions, we will be creating all the relevant game forum boards but the Academy Community will be where useful topics regarding strategies, tips and where you can help improve players. All other discussions will remain in the normal forums - discuss various aspects of the game, your favourite parts, have you heard of any upcoming updates worth mentioning? Any DLC? Know of any issues within the game?Cheers for reading all! Any questions, feel free to ask myself or Thomas.

Hi everyone,
I'm working on changes within the clan for the past few weeks which quite a few will be visible to you all. I've also been very busy with things at work and outside of work, so apologies for me being less active to play games with you guys.
Server Move Update
First off, the new server move is complete and files have been moved over. TheClanHost (Sponsor) moved us over to their Dedicated Server which is faster and more reliable; already multiple users including me have noticed differences with speed. The Server move has also allowed us to use a certain script on the Server which will calculate the 'Points System' --- Yes! The return of points for everyone! See who can get into the top 10 and keep themselves within it!
Domain Update
We've also purchased domain, which has also been made primary as it has been purchased for longer and for quite a while, we've not been primarily UK based - which was originally what we was aiming too, but along the way I have made great friends with various people around the world who remain in the clan and others which have sadly left. However, our domain has also been setup now to point to our primary domain. - So we won't lose anyone along the move! Due to domain change, we have lost our email accounts, email forwarders, sub domains, ftp accounts etc. However I have setup some email accounts and email forwarders already - both for .com and so if you would like to know your details or to request an email forwarder, let me know.
SSL Update
We're also purchasing SSL, allowing us to take card payments directly through our store due to multiple members not able to donate/purchase products using PayPal. We won't be purchasing the expensive SSL's because regarding security, there isn't any difference. The differences between the SSL's is the visibility and the name behind it as well as amount of domains we can use it for. So at least this provides us with 256-bit security.
Position Update
After a long time of thinking of whom would be best to have alongside me as Co-Leader spot, I have decided to choose Thomas! So congratulations to him for being an easy-going guy, which has previous experience of leading a Clan, good with our members, active and dedicated towards the Clan and not to mention, he has a killer voice (Literally ha!) which everyone seems to appreciate. So over the coming weeks and possibly months he will be having more and more access to fulfil his role fully, however I’m sure he will do an awesome job. So as of now, you all can contact him regarding any issues within the Clan and I’m sure he will be able to assist as quickly and efficiently as possible like myself.
Moving forward, we may be opening another position of Co-Leader spot as well as Officers, Moderators and other positions which will need a suitable member to make a better change within the community! So keep it up and you may be given the opportunity!
My Gratitude
I would also like to thank Crimeshot, AppleJack, Spirit, Kajji and Ideaus for doing a superb job in keeping the community active with your brilliant idea’s, feedback and assisting with various things I give to you. Not only these members, but want to thank all members of VORTEX to remaining as active as possible over the past 3 months to keep things together during I would say the ‘dead zone’ of the year and usually end few months of each year is the same. I will look into doing something for you all for being the awesome members you are!
The Streamers!
TheScriptanEU has been an awesome streamer with his 365 StarCraft II stream, so far he has done almost every day (except when he was really ill) and runs off donations. Always keen to learn and continuously being the head of the streamers! Well done pal.
Donations Update
Well we have just under £100 of donations at the moment from the purchases our latest products (info below) and from the members donating towards the upcoming DayZ Standalone Master Shard Server once we have enough funds! Keep it up guys, you’ll see a lot more activity and changes for the better upcoming, donations keep us running and keep things moving forward – even helps with gaining more publicity through facebook advertisements and Google Adsense.
TeamSpeak Activity
I've noticed a lot of members online on STEAM and even in-game but not using our TeamSpeak. Guys, we pay for this service and it's a simple guideline to follow to simply show your activity within the Clan. I would rather have 40 members on TeamSpeak and 15 of them in the AFK/Quiet channel, than have 25 members on our server. It just shows me - The Clan Leader, of the members who are using it to show activity within the Clan. So simple, you can even do as I do and make TeamSpeak load up with windows and automatically connect to our server and put yourself into a specific channel. If you're also using another TeamSpeak - You can actually load up multiple servers using 'tabs', the latest server you go onto will mute the other server. Then it's a simple button to talk on the other server.
It's frustrating to see members not participate in this simple guideline as running a community isn't easy, and it's alot harder when members don't do as your requested. Don't expect a good active community if you're not willing to put the simple effort into it - Not doing something simple is what un-motivates others and causes more inactivity. Would appreciate it if you all had the respect for me to put in your 100% as it used to be. Cheers - Oh and thanks to all of those members which continue to follow the Clan Guidelines!
Product Update
The latest update I have received which was on 24th March stating that the products will be given to the courier to dispatch to everyone on Monday 6th April, 2015. If you have any queries, feel free to contact myself or Thomas.
Check out the latest Game Review from ZeroHumanity, his awesome reviews are surely his own opinion but they definitely help me decide if a game is worth buying or not - and after reading his reviews and trying the games themselves, I can safely say that yet again... That his review is totally awesome and decision based on his review was a good decision!

TeamSpeak Design
This wasn't announced within the meeting but it's because I couldn't find my notes! However i'll be working to get our own custom client skin for TeamSpeak - I think this would be awesome to have majority of our members using! Just a simple thing, but just another awesome addition to VORTEX!
DayZ Standalone Server
We've already got around 15 members who now play on our Private Shard Server! If you're interested in joining us hunt, survive and have some laughs - contact me or Thomas! More the better! - Vehicles included!
Moderator: The next clan meeting is 7th May at 19:00pm GMT!

Hi everyone!

I'd like to first announce that we have our own Private Master Shard of DayZ Standalone!

The server is minimum of 30 slot and whitelist only (VORTEX Members only), more information will be in our DayZ Forum later today!

Don't forget the upcoming Clan Meeting on Thursday 2nd April at 19:00pm GMT! Below are some subjects which will be discussed!
Server Move Update
Domain Update
SSL Update
Hierarchy Update
My Gratitude
Streamers Update
Donations Update
Products Update
DayZ Server
Events Update

And various other updates which will be brought up within the Meeting! Be there or be square ladies and gents!


Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that on the 15th March (Sunday), our webhost ( will be moving us onto their Dedicated Server. It shouldn't take long to move over, but just to make you all aware of possible downtime.

All files and database will be moved during this time and this will allow us to use future modifications within the Clan which we currently can't. (Due to being on a shared server).

Once we are back online, please raise any issues on our Support Ticketing (Helpdesk on nav).

Thanks everyone!

PS. Forum update currently 4.0 RC3 (Release Candidate) - So it can be used publically, however we will be waiting for it to reach v4.1 (once it's final version is released).

Clan Meeting is on 4th March (Wednesday), however there isn't much to be discussed since the last meeting. It will still go ahead, however it will be more of a chilled out session and such guys and girls! :)

First off, thanks to all of those which attended - it was a good result now the holidays are over with, we had 30 members attend! Don't forget folks, next meeting is Wednesday, 4th March at 19:00pm GMT. (March 5th is my birthday! So it's not a good day to do a meeting as I will most likely be doing something.)

So regarding what was discussed....
An update on the new product orders, I last had was 4th February stating that the orders won't be processed until next month - "We are currently looking at the middle of march for production completion (Longer than normal I know and is a one off)" - GamersApparel (GA)

I do apologise for the long wait for everyone which ordered (includes me), it would seem they have an issue or a backlog, so moving forward there shouldn't be any delays as they state it's a one off. They're very popular and I've seen them at the UK event Multiplay, so I trust their company. Their delay is out of my hand, however the pre-order period was in my hands as I wanted to see how many orders we would get to make the whole process easier. (Was a good result)

Our Newsletter was also sent out on 31st January to everyone on the forums, however only only 569 people was able to receive it out of the 1300 odd members we have registered, due to a setting in the user settings to 'receive bulk mail'. I'm looking into to set it as default as yes, and then people can unsubscribe if they wish. If you didn't receive it, you can view our online-version here:

New Divisions - Hearthstone and H1Z1, Hearthstone I decided to bring into the clan, due to it being a free game and is fairly well known to be an awesome game - and it being free, allows us all to play it when we host such events. I've never played a trading card game since physically playing Pokemon back in the day! But I've installed it and think it's going to be fun to play! So if you don't have it installed, get it installed and let's get adding one another for the upcoming Hearthstone Event!

H1Z1 was also included within the Divisions, due to it being such a popular game, there are issues with it at current but it's early alpha so it's going to have issues. But that aside, the full game is due to be released within 6 months from what I read, but possibly delayed a bit, but once it is released, the game will actually be free to play! So means, a lot of members will be on the game no doubt, including myself! I do expect H1Z1 Division not to be very active until it is free, but we've made the forum for it, so use it to discuss changes within the game, issues worth mentioning and general chat about the game for us 'outsiders' and people which already own the game!

G2A have finally re-activated our Promo code! So you can now use our discount code on their website to get 3% discount! (Banner will be below) - I also announced our profit we've gained from our referred sales and I don't want to announce it publicly, so if you'd like to know then contact me. However I did announce from the start that we won't be using the funds until the end of 2015 - So gives us just over a year from the start to save up the funds and get as many sales using our referral links and our coupon used!

DayZ news! We're looking to purchase our own Master Shard Private Server! As we've recently started playing it more and we've had quite a bit of fun, but the fact that the public hive keeps having us PvE players getting killed, our gear reset back to fresh and hard to find a server which actual gear/helicopter crashes and general survivor items except for in the same places, we've decided we'll run our own DayZ Server! But the issue comes down to funds - £51 per month!! But if we get it popular, we could then purchase a Slave Shard Server (which links up to our Master Shard Server Hive) and that will be made public.

I have created some basic rules on the server which can read here:

Live Streams feature is now working on our forums and soon working on our home page! I've contacted the mod developer to get the home page feature working as it's not actually working (whether it's my fault or an issue within the mod), but at least now our forums feature is working and it refreshes every minute. If you do see it's not working after being online for 5 minutes or longer, make a support ticket for us to look into! (HelpDesk on navigation)

Clan Suggestions, we've had a forum for this for along time and we only occasionally have suggestions, however recently we're receiving more and I realised we actually have a mod for suggestions/projects. So now if you want to put a suggestion into the clan, use the 'Suggestions' forum which will take you to the relevant feature. The feature allows us to actually select whether it's now fixed, future version, etc. as well as discuss the suggestion.

Forum boards changing, you may notice the changes, but if you can't find a forum which you regularly use, let me know and i'll let you know where it is. However, it's more of just making the forums more compact. I've made a few minor changes already, figured it would be best to let everyone know!

The Points and Awards update I had to announce is that we unfortunately can't link the Awards (achievements) with our Points System, due to complications - If only everything worked out as we wanted! Though so what we will do is go back to forum new topics, topic replies, blog creation, blog entries etc. to gain points as a competitive table. The Awards will be given out separately which will go onto the Awards System! So keep up the good work and activity, you will get yourself awards for doing such a good work! Awards are an accomplishment from myself and high ranked officers!

Thanks for attending guys! Next meeting is 4th March - Wednesday at 7PM UK time!

Hi all,

Quick announcement, we've now fixed the issue with the live streams on our forums! You can now view all live streams, simply by adding your own!

You can add your own stream by heading over to the navigation and selecting 'Community' and then 'Streams'. This is only for VORTEX members, might I add!

It takes around a minute to show up as the refresh rate is minimum of 1 minute, but it's been tested and is working!

Hope to see you all add your streams onto it!


Hi all,

After a very long, difficult conversation with G2A, they have finally re-activated our promo code! So now you can use the coupon "VORTEX" to receive 3% discount.

Sorry for the wait, basically the coupon code was being used unacceptably and so it was deactivated. Promo codes only last for 1000 uses before it's deactivated and then require re-activating, however we reached ours in a very small amount of time apparently which was suspicious.

None the less, have fun with purchases everyone!

Good morning all,

Unfortunately having a conversation with GA it has come to my attention that P&P would need to be paid on each individual product, so if you're looking to purchase more than one product, ensure you use the 5% OFF coupon!

This would need to include current pre-orders as well. Contact me for prices if unsure.

Also after speaking to GA, we will be ordering the products near the end of January due to the small issues we have at current on our first batch of orders (regarding postage queries and prices and for them to get all the orders done and sent).

But rest assured that if your order has been paid fully then it will definitely be passed to GA to order by the end of the month! Sorry guys for the hassle, it's not as simple of a process as our normal distributors it would seem!

Hi all,

You can now pre-order any of the new Official Products and get 5% OFF using this coupon: PREORDER15

Simply add the products to your basket and then use the coupon when it requests it and it will take 5% OFF your total (not incl postage)

This is only available until 11th January 2015, 23:59.

Starting 12th January 2015, you can use the following coupon when purchasing more than one of the official products to get 5% OFF discount! Use: BUNDLE15

If you have already pre-ordered an official product and want to receive your 5% discount, please contact me (Inflam3).