Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Ok, I’ve not written anything in some time. I moved house, had no internet for a while and then WoW Legion came out and took over my life. I also got sucked into Diablo 3 season 7 and didn’t think much of anything else gamewise, as hey, nothing really came out that bothered me. I picked up No Man’s Sky with my PS4 and realised pretty quickly that this wasn’t really a game I’d write a review on, and better people than me have shown it to be garbage built on lies. So, rather than give it anymore airtime let’s move onto something with actual gameplay.

Deus Ex! Beloved by gamers everywhere, the original was different and pretty cool. You could stealth, you could go loud, you could talk to people. TALKING! In a video game… Crazy times. It had multiple solutions available for missions and a cool atmosphere, augments and guns, holy shit it was great. Then, from the mist, a new game stepped forward. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Featuring a new hero with a voice like gravel and some sweet blades that come out of his elbows and some totally pointless but awesome shades. It was a good game, with improved stealth and a good story. The main downside was that they messed up the boss fights. You want to go through the game without killing or being seen? Great! Have fun. Oh by the way all the boss fights are straight up gun fights so make sure you’ve got a heavy weapon or something ok? You don’t? Because you are playing it stealthy? Oh…. I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Activate Radness

I got a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when I found out that Square Enix planned a trilogy so were splitting the games up but Human Revolution was long enough and tied up well enough to make me excited for the next one. So whats new? Well, not too much really. Human Revolution had some pretty good controls and mechanisms and they have been retained for Mankind Divided. You can latch onto cover and move around, stealth takedown or blade takedown bad guys (or johnny public if you’re that way inclined) and there’s your usual first person shooting. If you’ve played Human Revolution then you’ll slide comfortably into the driving seat for Mankind-carry-the-1.

The setting of Mankind-subtracted follows on from Human Revolution where, Spoilers, augmented humans went batshit crazy and killed a load of people because some douche-canoe uploaded some sort of virus. Now, no one trusts the augs and segregation is widespread, with bars only pure humans are allowed in and that ‘back of the bus’ mentality prevalent everywhere you look. And look you should, because the game looks incredible. Mostly set in Prague, the world looks futuristic and broken down at the same time. You can see first hand how augs are made to live, being bothered in the streets for ID and having slurs thrown at them as they are forced into poverty. The only problem that seemed to arise for me was that I was always the outsider looking in. No one really stopped me, the most heavily auged guy in the street. All these augmented humans being tortured and tormented but hey step right this way buddy with the cyber arms, legs, eyes and crotch. This disconnect hindered my immersion in the game but not enough to take anything away from the experience really. Once again as Adam Jenson, you are tasked with hunting down a terrorist group of augmented humans whilst at the same time secretly working for an underground hacker group trying to crack the truth on the Aug-go-crazy-smashathon that happened in Human Revolution. There’s lots of double crosses and confusing plot lines but overall an engaging story that keeps you going. There’s also some fairly interesting side missions to do, like hunt a serial killer or help fake some passports for augs to get out of the city. All missions can be completed non-lethally which is great for people like me who want to go all sneaky beaky and not be seen or draw blood.


Cool As f**k

Getting around and taking on missions has been updated, with new augments for Jenson to work with. Pretty early on you get access to some secret ones that change the game up like hacking things from a safe distance or the Titan Shield (which makes you into a walking tank of death) Personally I like the TESLA Arc which fires up to four non lethal electric bolts into people, dropping them instantly. If you prefer killing folks then you can always take the ability to fire your arm blades across the room and pin someone to the wall by their neck. There’s also on the fly weapon customization for when you need to change things up mid fire fight. Energy to perform these moves and feats has been improved too, with one bar that refills over time. Performing too many things at once will drain Jenson and he will be at a disadvantage for a while so keeping this in mind is key to success. In the middle of a firefight is where all this comes together, popping out of cover and squeezing off a few rounds then activating stealth and dashing to a new location to flank the enemy – feels great and you start to understand how to utilise the power available to you.


Jenson releases some awesomeness to stop from detonating the planet.

Now while I can recommend this game, and I do, I also need to point out some kinda terrible moves from Square Enix. Microtransactions. Everyone’s favourite addition to video games. Now with an even shittier twist. ONE TIME USE MICROTRANSACTION’S. Buy a praxis kit with real money to get that little edge? Sure, whatever makes you enjoy the game. I don’t agree but its your choice. However, once you use that item, it’s gone. That’s it. Start a new game and you don’t get that item again. Want it? Buy it again. f**k you. Yeah you paid fifty quid for this game and that’s great but it’s not enough and we want more. Again and again. Now reports are coming in that this was implemented by Square Enix themselves and not Eidos Montreal. Which is even worse. They looked at this game and went “It’s good and worth the money but can we coax a bit more out of people? What do you mean its a triple A game and the full price should be enough?”

The game’s developer explained the situation in a Reddit post:

Hi everyone. Here’s how things work:

Consumables (Praxis Kits, Ammo, Credits, Crafting Parts) are one-time use items. They will be in the storage section of your inventory, until you decide to add them to it. Once you do, they will be ‘consumed’ in your current playthrough, and not re-usable. Consumables work the way they do due to first party constraints.

Durables (Weapons, Skins, Augmentations) are not one-time use. They will automatically be available in all of your playthroughs, once you have downloaded and installed them.

Also tacked on is a multiplayer called Breach which has microtranaction’s up the ying-yang. Sure, you can earn the items through grinding but its on an almost mobile-gaming level of bullshit. So yeah, there’s that. Looking forward to Final Fantasy 15 microtransaction’s and the FF7 remake being in DLC like pieces. Square Enix, best in the world.

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