Monster Hunter World (PS4)


Monster Hunter World

The beast roars and charges me, showing its razor teeth. I tumble to the side, my fellow hunter speeding past me with his axe swinging.
He won’t have all the glory.
Driving my Glaive into the ground I launch myself into the air towards the monster. My blade cuts deep, sticks. Atop the beast, I get to work. It collapses from the flurry. We move in for the kill…

Having never played any of the monster hunter games, I came in as a total noob to the series. I knew of it, caught some streams/videos of previous games but nothing peaked my interest like Monster Hunter World. Sinice the trailer at E3 I’ve been following the game, hoping that it was coming to PC. It is but not for some time. So I bit the bullet and got it for the PS4. After spending most of my weekend playing it I can happily confirm I will be buying the PC version when it drops, as it is that much fun.

If you don’t know of this series, it’s all about… well… hunting monsters. Big ones. Like this dude who likes to ambush you at every opportunity.

Run away!

The game has a fairly simple formula. Find monster, kill/capture monster for materials, upgrade gear, hunt bigger monsters. Pretty straightforward stuff. The game is however, very very good at this. Creeping through the forest, stopping to examine tracks and markings to learn where the monster is feels great. I was moving through the tree’s, not paying attention to my map and heard my team mate whisper through the headset ‘It’s above us’. I was immediately on edge, which was weird because I was the one hunting it. The monsters all have their own behaviours and the world really comes to life with their movements.

It’s not just giant monsters in the world either. Other wildlife go about their daily business as well. Some move in herds, some do their own thing. You can capture the smaller ones in a net and take them to decorate your home. The bigger ones can be taken down for more materials. Some will attack you if you get too close, others will actively avoid you. It is a living breathing world that you get to run around in. You can move between these beasts or you can just murder your way to your objective. Totally up to you.

Each zone has its own environment style

Being out in the wilderness so much will require you to learn to survive. The world you traverse has plenty of materials to do this and a really simple crafting tree makes this convenient rather than a chore. Herbs make potions but find a bees nest to grab honey to combine them into a mega potion. Theres always a benefit to pick up items as you make your way and with a handy auto craft option for several items theres no excuse. This goes double for hunters who want to use the bow or guns available as you will need to craft bullets or coatings for your arrows.

Regarding weapons, MHW has 14 different types of weapons to choose from/master. Most of them are huge oversized bastards. Some are slow and bulky to swing but cause high damage. Others are fast and combo better. All are viable and you don’t get locked into your first choice at any point. My first choice was the Kinsect Glaive, which came with a bug that I could fire out at the target. If it hit my targets head then i got a damage boost and bigger combo’s. Other parts of the body give different bonuses and getting all three makes you go super saiyan mode, cartwheeling around in a blur of blood and steel. Other weapons can change form as you build up damage, switching from an axe to a greatsword for instance. Monsters have resistance to certain elements so you will change your weapon up depending on what you are hunting, exploiting their weaknesses to bring them down faster. The crafting of weapons is straightforward and comes with the added bonus of rolling back upgrades for free, retaining all materials. So you can switch your weapon upgrade each time your at the home base rather than having 18 different bows to filter through.

Never run directly at this fucker.

The show stealers are, obviously, the monsters in the world. Most dwarf you in size, all look incredible and all have different attacks and habits. The dude above who looks like a chicken crossed with a T-rex likes to roam the entire map, inserting himself into any fight you might be having with another monster and one shotting pretty easily if you arent ready for him. Others are huge flying Wyverns that dive bomb you at speed, sometimes adding status effects like poison or even setting you on fire. You can level the playing field by severing the limbs or tail of the beasts so they can’t use these special attacks which makes things marginally easier. The fights are long and drawn out, you aren’t going to smash these guys in a few hits. You work away, hitting and running. Picking when to go in and when to get dodging. Targeting weaks points and breaking parts off it to hit it harder. Several times in the fight the monster will retreat to a new location, which lets you resharpen your weapon and heal up before chasing it down again. Do enough damage and connect with a leaping attack and you can mount the beast, stabbing away at it before hitting it with a massive strike that will bring it the ground, allowing you and your fellow hunters some free attacks on a body part of your choice. I go straight for the dick (context), everything is weak in the dick region.

Handily pointed out weak point

After the first twenty or so hours you will begin to mix and match your armour, creating builds for taking on different monsters. I run a critical hit hammer build lately which lets me do insane damage if I can find a slope to slide down before attacking. The rest of the game is fighting for materials to build better gear to fight the top monsters roaming the world. Also, the armour looks amazing.

Whether playing solo or playing with a team, Monster Hunter World is an amazing experience. Fighting a beast for 20 minutes and finally bringing it down, carving its body parts into armour to show the other monsters who’s boss feels great. I recommend the game to everyone with a PS4 and cannot wait for the PC release. The whole game is fun and has the ‘one more hunt’ driving. All the monsters are fun to fight and adapt to. This is even with some really, really wonky menu systems that get really finicky in battle and some terrible tutorials. It was mentioned that this game is easier for newcomers to get into so I dread to think what the older games where like menu-wise.

Anyway, games great and monsters are amazingly well designed.

Except Diablos… fuck that guy.


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