New Year Clan Meeting!



Hi folks,

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you all had a great Christmas!

Thanks to all members which managed to attend yesterdays Clan Meeting! I would say compared to the past 5-6 months of Clan Meetings, it was really a success! Not only that but went on for like 1.5 hours which was longer than I originally anticipated! Anyway, onto the more important things – the overview!

So, after asking all those which attended of what they would like to see when they hop onto their machines (clan related) it was basically the same points across the board – Members online to play games with and chat to, activity within the discord channels so it’s easy to hop in and say hello or to join a game without waiting for someone to respond in chat. This has been a request since the very start and will pick up the more active each individual member is – all it takes is 1 click to enter a voice channel depending on the game you’re playing or the lounge if you’re just chilling, AFK if you don’t want to be disturbed. Simple, yet affective.

It was also requested for more active streams on Twitch, members enjoy to watch other members play games when their not able to play games themselves, I for one will be back streaming on a regular basis but have personal things to sort in real life for a temporary time, aswell as working on my home server which will soon provide a game server for the Clan aswell as working on clan related subjects and enjoying playing a game without the pressure of being streamsniped (DayZ) but as that’s a game on hold, i’ll get back streaming other games i’m enjoying. On that note, I’ll be doing a few 12 hour streams moving forward aswell (Scheduled) which I hope to see fellow members attend to get me through it!


Another request was to see me online more in the evenings, but due to a more important matter of spending quality time with my girlfriend which I only get to see in the evenings due to having a job which does go through to the evening most days, I’ll be putting at least 1 evening aside each week to play with folks.

Moving from a Clan to a Community, this won’t affect members directly but it’s more so to know how we’re described as a group. A Clan is a group of players which play a selected few games and has a competitive side, as well as a casual side – if you can get it to work both ways then it’s great, but in the long run for us, aswell as the variety of games we play it makes far more sense to have VORTEX as a Community. We base ourselves upon a variety of games through the roster, we don’t want a competitive side added and we also are open to players around the world from the age of 16. We aim for activity, content and fun which from my mind is basically what a community is formed of.

It’s finally happening, we as a community are entering an MMO with majority of the roster active on it! World of Warcraft! A game known world wide and still thee (or one of thee) most popular games in the world played online, which can also be played on computer made out of wood and 56K modem which makes the possibilities of endless members a massive chance for us to gain! We will soon have decided what Realm, Faction and Guild Name ready to get things moving. This will be our primary game we will be concentrating on, so get your subscription active and join in on the fun!

It has been decided that there will be weekly news content provided on our website for regular reading – This will include changes, news from popular games played within the community and any news from our members over the past week. We will try to keep it as simple as possible but worth reading at the same time!


We’ve also changed the Discord Channels to be more community-like, so there is at least a single voice channel for the popular games played by our members, this is to push you members using voice channels.

Our Forums are changing as well, so majority of the older boards are ‘archived’ and new boards created so you don’t see a backlog of topics from the past 7 years! Boards can be added by request if you think there isn’t an appropriate board available. Less boards, more up-to-date discussions, a new start to the year!

Thanks for reading, the next Clan Meeting is 6th February! 🙂

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