September Overview (2017)



Hi everyone!

So it’s been 3 months since the last update announced and it’s due to us having many issues with completing our site to be working fully as expected as as us just enjoying playing games with fellow members. Forums are almost ready, but we’re working on fixing a few essential issues within the admin area and then we’ll be working on getting us access to the normal applications we had before – Store, Billing, Support, Gallery, Blogs and Downloads.

We’ve got a new section on our forums which is worth checking out and we want as many people part of it as possible! Game Giveaway Club is the name and you may end up with the game! We have over 50 games to give away which will be done via this Club (Myself or Zer0Humanity will be the givers at this point in time!).

As for non-website related updates – we want to concentrate on bringing friends into the clan and being as active as possible within our Discord channels as well as using our site/forums actively when their accessible! You’re part of the clan, give it your best so we can become as awesome as we used to be!

Our goal is to achieve a closer friendship between all current members in the clan so we can play games with one another more actively and more variety than current. Alot of members aren’t showing their active within a game, and not in a lobby for other players to join/request to join them. So sooner our lobbys on Discord is being used, more members can ask to join them or even just join them which will increase player activity in the clan, once this happens we can recruit more players to join in! That is the start of being bigger and better.

Once our forums are all sorted, it will be along while until we update them that’s for sure (so we avoid any more issues)!

We’re also looking to link our website and forums together with a bridge connection – complicated but I would imagine it will be worth it as members would be able to access both site and forum with the same login.

So, on that note! That’s all we mostly discussed, it was good to chat to all the members which attended as been awhile! Next Clan Meeting is 3rd October! Be there folks, we want more to attend like back in the day. It’s a day of reunion, announcements, and where we can all play something together.


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